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Tips To Start Eating Healthier

When I became more conscious about what I was putting in my mouth a method that helped me a lot was keeping a food diary. I was always a healthy person but when I started to write down what I was eating it turns out I wasn't quite as healthy as I thought! My main problem was my snacks, they were shocking, so I decided to get my act into gear and bought these really cute food diary pages from Esty to put in my school planner. I highlighted all the healthy foods I ate that day in green and all the unhealthy foods in pink, slowly I would start to increase the amount of green and decrease the amount of pink. It made me more aware of what I was eating throughout the day as I knew I would have to write it down, it really helps you get into the routine of healthy eating and making healthier choices.

At school or work it's easy to just eat whatever is convenient or pinch a bit of what the person next to you is having, it may not so seem so bad at the time but it all adds up! Packing healthy snacks in your bag is a great way to stop those naughty cravings. Usually around 11 o'clock my stomach would growl and I would start fantasizing about chocolate, but after I ate my healthy snack the craving would disappear and it turns out I was just hungry. Fruit is great for snacking but there are also a lot of snacks you can buy from the shops as well, I have written a blog post about some of my favourites here.

It's also important to eat enough so that you feel satisfied to avoid raiding the kitchen for biscuits. If you are eating a plant based diet you naturally have to eat more to ensure you are getting enough calories, I have made this mistakes in the past where I didn't eat enough so those cravings always found a way to creep back in. If your not eating a plant based diet I would recommend eating more fruits and veggies to help fill you up! If you eat until your full you will suppress the cravings, in a week or so you won't have them anymore and it wont be so difficult. The saying is 'the more you eat, the more you crave' and its just so unbelievably true!

Usually when I feel myself slipping of the bandwagon I watch 'What I eat in a day' videos on YouTube, they are so so motivating and their enthusiasm just inspires me to continue eating healthy. Some of my favourite people to watch are:
♡ Rachelleea

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful and as usual if you have any questions or blog post suggestions then just write me a comment below! Byeeee have a nice weekend :p

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  1. I love keeping a food diary :) It really helps. x



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