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My Top 5 Healthy Snack For On The Go

Recently I went on my D of E Silver Expedition so I was looking for some healthy snacks to take along with me. I went straight to Holland and Barrett to see what they had and these are some of my favourite snacks that I decided to pack. They gave me something to look forward to and kept me motivated during the tiring days of hiking. 

Propercorn Sweet Coconut & Vanilla - This was a really yummy snack but it was definitely a treat for me as I don't think this flavor contained the healthiest ingredients, however the health benefits were the last thing on my mind when we were in the middle of a field and it was pouring down with rain. Although it was really tasty, I would probably not buy these again as I have been trying to eat more of a plant based vegan diet lately (which has been challenging at the least!) For people who are not vegan and are just looking for a yummy snack these are a good choice.

9bar flax energy bar - This didn't taste how I expected actually, I expected a oaty flapjack sort of bar, but it tasted kind of nutty and seedy, a lot more wholesome than I thought it would be. If I am being honest I was a bit put off a first, but after a few bites I really started to enjoy the different flavors. I have discovered a new love for 9bars and will be buying them in the future as a quick on the go snack.

Banana Chips - These are my favourite snack out of all of the ones I picked for my trip. They are perfectly crunchy and are sprinkled with coconut sugar instead of white processed sugar which is really great and guilt free. All my friends really loved these and they cheered us all up. Nothing more to say than they are so tasty and I beg you to try them if you ever see them. 

NatureCrops Quinoa Bar Strawberries & Dark Chocolate - This bar was quite nice, not amazing and I probably wouldn't buy it again but it was good for what I wanted as it was a good source of carbohydrates which gave me enough energy to keep going. It is not that is wasn't nice, just that it wasn't interesting enough.

ClearSpring Fruit On the Go Apple & Mango - I absolutely love these, they taste amazing and they are also just so cute. They take me back to when I was in primary school and I would have little yogurt pouches in my lunch box, except now its fruit not yogurt which is a much healthier option. They are 89p each from Holland and Barrett which I think is a really reasonable price to pay for these yummy fruity treats (although they are not really a treat because they are healthy for you!)


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