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DIY Day 3: DIY Folder

You will need:
♡ 1 boring folder
♡ Coloured paper
♡ Scissors
♡ Double sided tape
1. Choose what colour paper you want to use, I have chosen 3 different colours of pink for mine. Once you have your paper, cut the different colours into strips roughly the same size. I have cut 5 strips but it depends on how you want your folder to look.
2. Cut your strips into a zigzag pattern, if you want you could skip the step before and cut the paper into circles and make polka dot pattern or anything you want.
3. Now this is the fiddly bit, take your double sided tape or glue or anything you want to use and apply it to the back of your paper.
4. Then just stick them onto your folder. Easy peasy.
5. Last but not least, use some of your leftover paper to make a label for your folder and write down a subject. Done!


DIY Day 2: DIY iPad Sleeve

You will need:
♡ Thread (I used invisible to make it look neater)
♡ Needle
♡ Pins
♡ A button
♡ Embroidery thread
1. Put your iPad on top of your felt and estimate how much you will need to use, I used two A4 sized pieces of felt and the sizing was perfect! Lay them on top of each other and sew down the two longer sides of the felt and only one of the shorter sides. At this point you could use a sewing machine if you have one, but since I don't I put pins along the fabric to make sure my stitches stayed straight.
2. Once that's all done you want to cut 2 or 3 inches off one piece of the felt to create a flap like this, make sure your iPad fits comfortably and is not poking out the top.
3. Now, with the piece of felt you trimmed, you need to draw a mark where you want your button to go, I measured 12cm approximately, leave about an 1 inch between the edge of the fabric and the mark so there is space for the button.
4. Using a bigger needle, thread you embroidery thread and sew the button onto the fabric where you put your pen mark. 
5. This step is optional, but can be really handy for you headphones! Take some of your blue fabric and cut out a pocket sized square and place it where you want it to go. Sew it carefully, make sure you only sew through the pocket and the first layer of purple fabric so you don't sew it shut, it sounds obvious but I nearly did it so I don't know if I'm stupid but just a warning!
I am really happy with how it turned out and it was a lot easier to make than I anticipated,  I even made one for my phone. If you make this DIY, send me a picture, I would love to see how they turned out!
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Instagram: lucie_jane14


DIY Day 1: DIY Chokers

You will need:
♡ Charms/beads
♡ Black elastic/string
♡ Jewellery clasp

1. Gather up a lot of jewellery that is maybe broken or you just don't wear  any more. Try and find things that have charms on and small beads because these are the things that will look best on a choker.
2. These are the charms I have chosen, now you need to decide how you want your choker to look. I have gone for a hamsa hand charm with some little blue beads and for my other choker I have this arrow charm.

3. Then you need to thread them onto your elastic and then tie a knot at the end of each charm so that they don't slide around when you wear it.
4. Now your going to need some sort of clasp, you can get these at most craft stores. I used this twist clasp and tied the two ends of the necklace to the little rings at the end of the clasp. If you don't have a clasp you can always just tie it.

And you are done!


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