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June Favourites ♥


Hi guys, so today I am going to be talking...well writing, about my June favourites, I have been really liking a lot of stuff in June so I am going to share with you a few of them.
The first product I have been loving this month is these two Essie nail polishes, I got them in the colour Figi and Lilacism. It is coming up to summer and I really like the look of pastel colours on your nails, I think I just looks really fresh and summery. I know the Essie nail polishes are quite expensive so some great cheaper alternatives are the Models Own nail polishes or the Barry M nail polishes are also very good, both brands have a range of pastel colours which I always have a sneaky look at whenever I am in boots. Those nail polish are around £4/£5 which I have to say is still slightly pricy but worth it because they are really good nail polishes and are cheaper than the Essie ones!
I struggle a lot with frizz in my hair, I don't have really curly hair but it does have a wave to it and for some reason it is always frizzy. So I have been looking for something to control the frizz for a while. I picked this up and I have had a few tries with it and I am very impressed with the results I have had so far. I am actually using it on my hair at the moment, you are supposed to rub it into your hair when it's dry which surprised me because most hair crèmes you put on when your hair is damp. It just makes my hair very silky and controllable and also when I straighten it, it makes it very sleek. It has avocado oil in it which is supposed to help make your hair grow, which is good because I am trying to grow my hair longer. It is quite oily though so it recommends that you put it on the ends of your hair not on the roots which is kind of annoying because the top of my hair is also frizzy. I definitely think that this is still a really good product and it was £6.

My next favourite is probably one of my favourite favourites if that makes sense, it's basically this iced tea in the flavour green tea and lemon and I really love green tea so when I discovered this I was over the moon! They sell it in Yo Sushi but it's quite expensive I think it was about £3. So I Googled where else they sold this amazing creation that has become a main factor of my life and it said they sold them in Waitrose and I was really happy about this because there is a Waitrose in my town so I could get it whenever I wanted. Every day after school I have walked to Waitrose and got one of these, they are £1.35 in Waitrose which is a way better price than in Yo Sushi price, even though the bottles are bigger in Yo Sushi the price still works out better. Anyway it's really good for you and tastes AMAZING! Even if you don't like green tea, I know a lot of my friends don't like it, it doesn't even taste like green tea, it's just so refreshing and if you are in Yo Sushi or Waitrose, give it a try, it's just so nice, especially in the hot weather.
I have also really been loving this lip gloss/crème thing from Collection. It was my birthday this month and my friend got me this as a part of my birthday present and its just such a nice colour and consistency. It smells like a strawberry milkshake but it doesn't taste of anything which is really good because I would probably just lick it off my lips straight away! The colour I got lasts for ages and I'm sure it would probably last you till the end of the day because I put some
 on when she got me my present and it was still on when I got home, I'm pretty sure it temporarily stained my lips which was good! Oh and it is not sticky either.

I went into the Body Shop and I was looking for a present for my friend Hannah and I came across these mini body butters and I thought they were really cute so I got Hannah one and I treated myself to one too! I bought it in the scent Shea and it smells so good and I loved it so much that I went back to the Body Shop on a different day and got the body mist to match. The lady on the till said that I got it half price because I had an advantage card or something so I bought that for £3.25.

I got this set of five mini Eco Tools brushes for school because I hate having to take all my big brushes into school, they take up so much room in my bag. I also got a new makeup bag which is a lot smaller than my other one so I wanted all my school makeup in that bag so I don't have to keep swapping my brushes every morning.

My last favourite is from Paperchase, they were having a massive sale on and I really like all the things in Paperchase but quite a lot of the stuff is really overpriced, so all the stuff I have been wanting to get for ages was actually a reasonable price. So this recipe book was one of my favourite things that I bought, it has loads of different sections from main meals to drinks and I think I am going to make this into a sort of healthy book with different smoothies and healthy baking recipes in it!

Hope you enjoyed my June favourites, if you have any suggestions for other blog posts for me to do please comment down below and I will try to do them. :)


My Makeup Brush Collection and Review

I was looking at my collection of makeup brushes a few months ago and I realized that I was just using the same brush for about three different jobs. As a result of this, I found that the brushes needed cleaning all the time and they would take ages to dry, I only had one foundation brush and I was using that for foundation, BB creams and concealer. I used my blush brush for powder, blush and contour and my makeup just was not working because of this. I came to the realization that I would have to buy some new makeup brushes, so I went out and bought some new brushes, my collection is still small but my brushes are cleaner and my makeup looks better. I thought I would share with you what brushes I have and what I think of them, some I am really pleased with, but on the other hand I have had some that I am not as pleased with. But if any of you have any of these brushes and they work okay for you and I am just not using them correctly then share it in the comments because I would love to hear from you!
Okay starting from the left;
Real Techniques Powder Brush- This is definitely one of my better brushes, what I like about this brush is that it seems to collect the perfect amount of powder and it covers large areas of your face, so it's great if your in a rush.
Real Techniques Duo-fibre Brush- Initially I didn't really know the purpose of this brush, but I started using it for different things like; making sure my contour doesn't look dodgy, making sure my neckline is blended, etc. So it's really useful for finishing off a look and making sure it looks natural.
Eco Tools Tapered Blush Bush- This is probably one of the brushes that I am more dissappointed with, because it doesn't seem to be very flexible so my blush looks weird when I use this brush. But on the other hand it is new, so maybe I just need to use it a bit more for it to fulfil its purpose.
Real Techniques Blush Brush- I love this brush, although I find its a bit too big for blush and my blush looks like I have been slapped in the face, so I tend to use this brush for bronzing up my face and it works really well for that!
Real Techniques Contour Brush- I go in with this brush after I have bronzed up my face,  it's really good for getting into the hollows of your cheeks and it also gets the right amount of product in the blush so that your contour looks natural.
Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush- I thought this brush would be really good because on the packaging it said that it was good for BB creams and I use a lot of BB creams,  I use them on a daily basis so I thought, 'Oh yes, a separate brush for BB creams how fancy'... but no, it puts my makeup on very streaky  and isn't really a brush for if you are in a rush, you can make it work if you keep blending but it's not really worth it as there are many more brushes which can give the same effect, but much more quickly.
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush- I really like this brush, it does what it says it does, it's good at applying foundation and BB creams, the only bad thing I would say about this brush is that it collects makeup really quickly and it has to be washed a lot which I never get round to doing.
Foundation Brush- This was one of my first ever brushes and I remember being so excited about this brush and I loved it, as I started getting more brushes I sort of realized that it really isn't that great and I don't know why but I feel almost guilty for neglecting it. But it doesn't really compare to the other brushes, it's similar to the Eco tools skin perfecting brush in the sense that it puts makeup on unevenly.
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge- Words cant describe how much I love this, it works for concealer, foundation, primer, BB creams, it's just so good and versatile and saves you taking lots of brushes in your makeup bag.


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