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My Hair Care Routine

I have always had quite thick hair which I suppose is a good thing but it is also quite frizzy which can be super annoying when I want to wear my hair down! For so long now I have been searching for a miracle product that can sort my hair out and make it look shiny and sleek and I finally found it! I was watching a Zoella video a while back and she recommended these Kukui oil shampoo and conditioners from OGX, they are specially designed to defrizz your hair, I wasn't expecting much as I have tried countless amounts of products to calm the frizz and they have never worked. I gave them a go nonetheless and I was pleasantly surprised!

The shampoo and conditioner are £4.66 from Boots which is more than I would usually spend on hair care products, but it is definelty worth it. You have to be careful with the amount that you use though because I used a normal amount when I was first trying these out and my hair went very oily very quickly, but if you use about as much as two 2 pence coins of the shampoo and then only apply the conditioner on the ends of your hair then its all good. By doing this I find the products can last for a very long time and my frizz is still under control. These products are paraben free and not tested on animals which is awesome! 

After I have showered I dry my hair with a towel and then apply one of the three products above, sometimes when I know I am going to use heat on my hair I spray the VO5 Heat Protect Styling Spray, and when I am having a heat free week I will apply the Trevor Sorbie Frizz Free Smoothing Spray and the Avon Advanced Technique Straight Spray. I brush all these products through may hair with my Tangle Teaser, which I recently just got and I am LOVING by the way and then just leave my hair to dry naturally.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this weeks blog post, if you have any questions please leave them below I love hearing from you all, also I have been really loving Pinterest lately so if you want to see what I am pinning then I would love if you would give me a follow: Lucy2216

Until next time! Lucy xx


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