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Fruity Bear Yoyos | Review

Hello again, todays post is something I have been wanted to do for a while and I am finally doing it! The other week I ordered loads of snacks from Holland and Barrett so I could try them out for you guys, and also have an excuse to stuff my face. Let me know if you guys like these kinds of posts because I am thinking about doing more on some of the other snacks I bought.

Okay that’s enough rambling, lets talk about food! Those delicious looking snacks above are Bear Yoyos, I picked the flavours pineapple, strawberry and raspberry but you can also get mango blackcurrant and apple. I have tried all the flavours and there is not one I don’t like, my favourites I think are the pineapple, mango and blackcurrant.

When you open it up there are two rolls of dried fruit, I think maybe they could be a bit bigger but what can you do? The ingredients are so simple and the raspberry one for example only has raspberries, apple, pear, vegetables and that is it! So it’s just a really good little snack, it’s one of your five a day and each yoyo has 27 calories, just incase you are interested.

It also comes with a bear card, kind of like a top trump but with bears, it’s a really fun idea for kids if you are trying to get them to eat their fruit. As for me, I am more interested in the food. There is also a sticker book i think that you can get when you buy a certain amount of yoyo’s, which is just another little fun thing for kids to do, or adults...I don’t judge.

Okay so that’s about it guys, again let me know if you like these posts! Bye xoxoxox


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